Green Bay, WI-Hochzeitsfotografie von Kara Counard
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Kara Counard

Bloom Fotografie von Kara

With my camera in hand, I gravitate toward the simple and subtle, the quiet moments. I love the things that feel like nothing is happening, but everything is. I love things that are real. I would rather disappear into the crowd of your wedding day, and capture things as they happen than direct them to be what I want. I think when I have a set idea in my head about how things should go, I miss the best things. And I’ve learned, over nine years of photography, to keep shooting through things that might feel uncomfortable. That’s where the emotion is. I try to keep my colors and tones timeless. Also, I want you to see yourself in my photos.. like, I want what’s common in us to shine through. I hope that happens.

1 Awards für dokumentarische Hochzeitsfotografie