Essex Hochzeitsfotograf im gesamten Vereinigten Königreich
1850 + (GBP)

Sheraz Khwaja

UK Hochzeitsfotograf

Sheraz has always been a keen photographer, but his passion for photography and love for weddings became a professional career in 2009 after being inundated with clients. Sheraz is a creative thinker and is often widely recognized as the 'amazing photographer who is just so humble'. Ever keen to keep up to date and hone his talent, Sheraz regularly attends photography workshops. For Sheraz, this isn't just a job, it's a dream that became a reality through hard work and a genuine pride in his work. His dedication to giving a couple a truly memorable and spectacular set of images is what propels Sheraz into a league of his own - whereby every picture tells of a journey - the journey of love, yearning, and joy.

15 Awards für dokumentarische Hochzeitsfotografie

13 Diamond Awards für Engagement Portraits

1 Awards von der Künstlerischen Gilde der Hochzeitsfotojournalisten

1 TOP Hochzeitsfotograf Titel

Die WPJA erkennt Sheraz Khwaja stolz als einen TOP internationalen Hochzeitsfotografen an. Mitglieder, die am Ende jedes Jahres die meisten Wettbewerbspunkte haben, werden als TOP Hochzeitsfotografen oder in einigen Fällen als POY - Fotograf des Jahres eingestuft.