San Jose Hochzeitsfotografie von Thanh Vo, aus Kalifornien
4000 + (USD)

Thanh Vo

Unaussprechliche Studios

My name is Thanh and I am the owner of Ineffable Studios. I first fell in love with Hollywood movies and the art of films before transitioning to photography. I believe that's how I develop my style and my approach to wedding photography. I love to tell stories. Since my couples are the story, I want to be able to tell it as genuinely as possible. I want to say that my style is photo-journalistic with a touch of ineffable. I don't want to just capture the moment, I want to capture it through a unique perspective. I challenge myself to see and shoot each wedding differently because each wedding is uniquely it's own. The venues and locations can be the same, but each couple are not. I really enjoy being able to document the story of my couples and capture all the emotions throughout the day/s by being in the background. My team tries to work like ninjas so that you can fully enjoy your day. I feel like that's how we able to get everybody to be comfortable enough to show their real emotions because they don't feel our presence.

2 Awards für dokumentarische Hochzeitsfotografie

7 Diamond Awards für Engagement Portraits

3 Awards von der Künstlerischen Gilde der Hochzeitsfotojournalisten