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Hochzeitsfotografen von Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Lernen Sie die Marlow-Hochzeitsfotografen der UK Wedding Photojournalist Association kennen. Finden Sie Ihren Hochzeitsfotografen in Buckinghamshire, um in diesem Verzeichnis Hochzeitsbilder im Reportage-Stil für Sie zu erstellen:

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3 Documentary Wedding Photographers für Ihre Hochzeit verfügbar ...

Marianne Chua fotografiert Reportage-Hochzeiten in England und London

Marianne is a quirky documentary wedding photographer with a strong signature style that focuses on framed compositions and subtle humour, often relishing in the joy of human normalcy and raw expressions. She also teaches a repeatedly sold-out workshop series called FU Flash, tackling a much regarded boring topic and making it comprehensible, and she was a speaker at Snap Photography Festival 2018. Alongside shooting an average of 40 weddings a year, she shoots production stills for Secret Cinema, the biggest film-based immersive experience company in the UK. [London Wedding Photographer]

2000 (GBP)
Harry Richards praktiziert Reportagefotografie bei Hochzeiten in London.

One of the most touching things about wedding photography is how quickly you find yourself thrown into the heart of such an important, intimate occasion. It's a responsibility only a fool would take lightly. I take great care to behave appropriately but with a sense of cheerful fun and enthusiasm for what I do. I tend to prefer working alone as it's far easier to melt into the day and being unobtrusive is key to getting honest reportage photography. I aim to photograph as a reaction to what is happening around me, rather than be the cause of it. People rarely look lovelier than when they are simply being themselves. I always like to meet clients in advance, for the sake of both parties. It's important to be familiar with your photographer's approach as well as their portfolio. Your choice is a very personal one and identifying the style you're after will ensure you're happy with the results. As a sole trader, I always take the lead from my client and aim to be as flexible with my services as I can. I air any concerns at an early stage if I feel there is a discrepancy between the services I provide and my client's brief. I first became interested in taking photos when I was 11 years old. Within a year I had my hands on a Russian Zenith 122 - a tank of a camera! I then unearthed an antique enlarger inside a broom cupboard at school and persuaded the headmaster to set us up with some chemicals and paper. This was all a great help in developing a disciplined approach to photography. By 17 I had upgraded to Nikon 35mm and Pentax medium format outfits. I was invited to photograph the wedding of my art teacher's daughter and took the plunge. Thankfully it turned out rather well and in the last decade I've photographed over 160 weddings and civil partnerships in the UK and Europe. At 18, I studied film production at the Bournemouth Screen Academy and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Film Production. Film is my other passion and I've continued to make promos and award winning shorts for festivals since graduating. While studying, I taught photography part time at Bryanston School and made use of the excellent photographic facilities at university. My photography and film work go hand in hand as visual art forms for telling and documenting narratives. I was rather a late adopter of digital photography. I wasn't interested in the latest technology for the sake of something shiny and new but felt that by 2005 the resolution and sensitivity in low light was a sufficient improvement on the available film stocks. On average I've upgraded my main outfit every 3 years and my current crop of top end Nikon cameras and lenses have given me unbridled freedom, particularly in low light conditions. Because I spend the time mastering the density, contrast, colour and sharpness of my pictures in post production, most of my results are indistinguishable from film. My guiding principle is that if an effect wouldn't be achieved in the dark room, it's best to avoid it on the computer! Garish effects may bring something to a lackluster picture but they also date quickly. A good picture has no need for such embellishment. Consequently my work retains a quality that will, I hope, stand the test of time. I grew up in Hampshire, Dorset & South Wales and often visit family & friends in all three. I live and work in North London. [London Wedding Photographer]

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Moslemische Hochzeitsphotographie High Wycombes durch Masoud Shah von Buckinghamshire, England, Großbritannien

Hi my name is Masoud and I love different cultures, emotion, and family - all this is all present at weddings and so am in my element when documenting weddings. My style is a combination of classic documentary wedding photography with a hint of Bollywood glamour. I believe that creating beautiful portraits is important but nothing compares to capturing natural moments! I've covered hundreds of weddings in High Wycombe, Bucks, Buckinghamshire, Amersham, Chesham, Marlow, Oxford and London and thrive on the pressure of delivering a unique set of images for my clients that will wow them. With over ten years wedding photography experience Masoud consistently amazes his couples with the images he captures, his friendly approach and total professionalism. He specializes in capturing stunning details, creative portraits and amazing moment. 80% of his annual bookings are referrals from past couples, a testament to his history of delivering fab work. He is fully comfortable covering Asian, Indian, Sikh, and Muslim weddings. [High Wycombe Wedding Photographer]

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Hochzeitsfotografie-Artikel über Kundenrezensionen, Testimonials und Briefe - Die Braut schreibt ihre Gelübde auf dem Dachboden eines historischen viktorianischen Herrenhauses
Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie gehen morgens zum Briefkasten. Zwischen den Stromrechnungen und den Gutscheinen des Nagelstudios fällt ein kleiner Umschlag mit einem gefalteten handschriftlichen Zettel heraus. Darauf steht: Unser Tag war ...Mehr erfahren
Kuchenausschnittfoto mit der Braut und dem Bräutigam, die entscheiden, ob sie den Kuchen zertrümmern oder nicht zertrümmern sollten.
Keine andere Tradition am Hochzeitstag sollte so stark auf Improvisation setzen wie das Kuchenschneiden. Diejenigen, die im traditionellen Lager verankert sind, möchten vielleicht Richtlinien dazu geben, wo sie stehen müssen, wie sie ...Mehr erfahren

Bewertungen und Kundenbriefe

St. Mary & All Saints Church in Beaconsfield, Großbritannien, Fotografie der Hochzeitszeremonie in Schwarzweiß - Fotograf aus Amersham, Chesham und Marlow

Bianc & Jack

Hochzeitsfotograf: Masoud Shah

Lieber Masoud, vielen Dank von uns beiden für Ihre unglaubliche harte Arbeit, um unseren besonderen Tag festzuhalten. Wir sind begeistert von Ihrer Arbeit und können Ihnen nicht genug danken. Wir hoffen auch, dass Sie unseren Tag genossen und es geliebt haben, Sie in der Nähe zu haben. ...

Kingston Deverill, Warminster, Wiltshire Hochzeitsfotografie

Sarah und Richie

Hochzeitsfotograf: Harry Richards

Lieber Harry, Danke, dass du unseren Hochzeitstag fotografiert hast! Sie haben die Atmosphäre wirklich festgehalten und wir werden die Fotos und Erinnerungen bewahren. Es ist schön, so großartige Bilder zu haben, umso mehr, als Sie sich in ...