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Hochzeitsfotografen von Monte Carlo, Monaco

Treffen Sie die bewährten und anerkannten Hochzeitsfotografen der Monte Carlo Wedding Photojournalist Association in Monaco:

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2 Documentary Wedding Photographers für Ihre Hochzeit verfügbar ...

Julian Kanz Italien Hochzeitsfotograf

When, at the age of 18, I entered Angela Merkel’s office to present myself, I couldn’t imagine that this lady would become the most powerful woman in the world one day. Back then, I worked as a photojournalist in Bonn and Berlin, Germany and that I photographed her for an interview. At that time I also had the honor to photograph Bill Clinton, Bono Vox from U2 and many more personalities. At that time it was about the single PHOTO – now it’s about the STORY. Sometime later, at the age of 23, I met Linda. The year after we got married and since then we live happily together, we have a little house in a small town on the sea, less than two kilometers from the pub where we met the first time. We have two adorable daughters, Emma is 11, Lena is 6 and life has been very good to me. One day, a friend of mine asked me to photograph his brother’s wedding. That was the moment when I discovered what I would do with love and passion over the next years. Every weekend I’m traveling not only Liguria and Tuscany but all Italy, Europe, and the world capturing much more than just the exchange of the rings or a signature under the register. It’s about the story of a day that is truly unique in life. How often does it happen that you invite friends and families, some see each other again after many years, to celebrate a big party together? It’s the uniqueness and the joy of that day that has always touched me. I remember the first time when Emma opened our wedding album. I was observing her while she was browsing the spreads and I realized the value these photographs will have one day. That big day often is the beginning of a life together, a time capsule which you will look at all the time with joy and pride. This value is priceless. I’d like to talk to you about your wedding. [Portofino Wedding Photographer]

2300 (EUR)
Lukas Guillaume aus Frankreich entdeckte die Hochzeitsfotografie in Australien

I discovered photography when I was living in Australia. I wanted to show my family and friends the beautiful landscapes of this very singular country and to share my new life and adventure with them. Later on I started taking portraits of people and life scenes. Photography became an excuse to please my curiosity, to discover new angles of human beings and their cultures. I wanted to go where I had never dared to go before. When I take pictures, I am traveling and experiencing new ways of living in which I can express myself and feel fullfiled. With that same idea in mind of taking pictures in the heat of the moment, I started photographing weddings. I first took pictures of my friends’ weddings, and then little by little, through networking, I was brought to this very peculiar wedding universe that I enjoy. What is important for me is to capture the moment and keep it real and authentic; every action has to remain spontaneous, every emotion has to be caught in an instant. That is why I am an active member of the WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST ASSOCIATION. Every wedding picture is a challenge. I am 100% involved, living the emotion, and trying to keep it as real as I can in my photo reports. Over the course of one day I tell your story and keep your memories . . . [Miami Wedding Photographer]

3000 (USD)
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Hochzeitsphotographiedetail der Braut und der Brautjungfern, die sich draußen für die Zeremonie im Wind mit ihren Blumensträußen vorbereiten.
Mit dem Verschluss eines Verschlusses fängt ein Kameraobjektiv einen einzelnen Moment ein; eine, die nie wieder genau so auftreten kann.Mehr erfahren
Foto der Braut und des Bräutigams, die kurz nach der Zeremonie in ihrer eigenen kleinen Welt leben Romantische Hochzeitsfotos
Als Sie sich zum ersten Mal Ihre Hochzeit vorstellten, haben Sie wahrscheinlich keine lange Liste von Details, Entscheidungen oder Entscheidungen zu sehen. Ihre Vision hat Sie sicherlich mit einbezogen und ...Mehr erfahren