Mumbai-Hochzeit in Urlaubsort Fotograf Shreya Sen, aus Maharashtra, Indien
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Shreya Sen

Shreya Sen - Indien Hochzeitsfotografie

My connection with photography has been more than just work. It has been my savior. My way of giving back to people certain gratitude I feel. A gratitude from understanding that at the end of it, these relationships and celebrations with our parents, husbands, children, friends are the ones that make life as meaningful as it can be. They will be our driving force to who we are today and who we become tomorrow. As these tangible memories lay in your hands or you flip through them on your phone and you tear up or smile warmly or hand it down through generations, I feel a responsibility to capture these bonds and moments with the utmost care and love as possible.

I was studying to be a psychologist from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore before I quit and decided to pursue photography. As an individual, I often alter between an introvert and someone who loves telling stories, between being a dreamer, a romantic and certain acceptance of the dark, existential side. Give me a cushioned corner, a delicious warm mug of coffee, a book, a playlist that sways between alternative rock & Ludivico and I am a happy Charlie!