Francesco Marinelli ist ein Hochzeitsfotojournalist, der Italien, Apulien, Taranto und die apulische Landschaft bedient.
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Francesco Marinelli

Apulische Hochzeitsfotografie

Hello! I'm Francesco Marinelli, i was born in a little Apulian village in 1978.
Why a wedding photographer? Because there's nothing more interesting and fulfilling to me that compose a story of one of the most exciting days of our life.
I love to photograph weddings in the Apulian countryside, but also to travel and discover new places, meet people and experience new cultures.
Ich mag Natürlichkeit und Spontaneität und versuche immer Emotionen einzufangen.
It might sound cuddly, but no words explain love as the glances, gestures and silences of those who really love.
Trying to grasp these nuances is more than an job to me: it's a therapy to regain the beauty of live in the folds of nowadays not always reassuring life.

1 Awards für dokumentarische Hochzeitsfotografie