Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes und Isere Hochzeitsfotograf Aline Perez, Frankreich
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Aline Perez

Madame eine Fotografie

As a happy mum of 3, I attach great importance to the Human, emotion, and memories. I started photography when I was 9 with my school teacher; we built a pinhole camera: it was the starting point of a great adventure punctuated by the smell of the photo lab. I practiced photography as a hobby but I did not plan to do it my job. After marketing studies and a great experience in insurance
I was overtaken by fate and that's how I set up my photography business. I shoot weddings since 2013, 9 years experience full of love and nice meetings. Based in the Alps I'm surrounded by nature and I guess it's a great inspiration source completed by my interest in the chiaroscuro and my sports practice that gives me the taste of the challenge.
I work throughout France as a wedding photojournalist to capture pictures of real life.