Guangdong, China Fotograf der tatsächlichen Tageshochzeiten, Eric Liao
3000 + (CNY)

Eric Liao

E-BILD Studio

Sky blue, has always been the city of Zhuhai to give people the impression that natural and pure. E-IMAGE photography studio is born in Zhuhai this blue sky, so we give the same color of the brand, the pursuit of the same natural picture, pure emotion.

Just as the creation of a novel comes from life, the creation of photography is the same, and the creation of documentary photography is inseparable from the real life. Through every time with the customer's communication, to understand their life and emotional experience, from which to extract some realistic basis, a special significance of the shooting scene, in a relaxed and natural shooting atmosphere to capture those feelings of emotional moments, that is Our studio's documentary style shoots the idea.

Wir hoffen, dass wir, indem wir die wahren Momente des Augenblicks wiederholen, das wahre Bild von einem nach dem anderen, die wahre Geschichte eines nach dem anderen und das wirkliche Leben des Abschnitts; Wir hoffen, dass Sie Jahre später, wenn Sie diese Fotos noch einmal lesen, sich wieder fühlen werden.

13 Awards für dokumentarische Hochzeitsfotografie

6 Awards von der Künstlerischen Gilde der Hochzeitsfotojournalisten