Benjamin Brette ist ein Hochzeitsfotograf aus Frankreich mit der WPJA
1990 + (EUR)

Benjamin Brette

Paris Hochzeit Fotojournalist

Hello, I'm Benjamin. I live in France, near Paris, but work everywhere. I'm married and father of 2 young teenagers.
I love weddings, I love brides and grooms. More than photography maybe. One of my friends has invented a word for me: "mariageophile", a french neologism that means literally crazy about weddings. I love weddings, but I hate clichés and I try sometimes to be disrespectful about those clichés. You don't want that classic portrait in front of flowers, the hands with rings close up? Great, I don't make these kinds of things. The only thing that matters is telling you your story in a contemporary manner, highlighting great and little moments that make your wedding unique. I try to shot a wedding like I would do for street photography: I'm waiting for the good moment, the good light, the good composition.
I only shot weddings, 30-35 per year. I shot my 100th wedding in 2014.

Remember: Beautiful persons make beautiful stories!

22 Awards für dokumentarische Hochzeitsfotografie

2 TOP Hochzeitsfotograf Titel

Die WPJA würdigt Benjamin Brette als TOP International Wedding Photographer. Mitglieder, die am Ende jedes Jahres die meisten Wettbewerbspunkte haben, werden als TOP Hochzeitsfotografen oder in einigen Fällen als POY - Fotograf des Jahres eingestuft.